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We at LONESTAR INDUSTRIES are capable and have expertise and experience in design of Metal Expansion Joints from Full Vacuum to Pressures as high as 200 kg/cm2 (g) and temperature from Cryogenic to elevated temperature as high as 1400o C. We design and engineer the Metal Bellows Expansion Joints fully complying with the requirements of EJMA, ASME, AD Merk Blatter codes and standards. Lonestar’s design is proven with substantiated correlation tests and with highest number of satisfactory functioning of Expansion Joints at several installations in India and Overseas.
Our Engineering Centre is equipped with Computer aided software and programs for Design, 3D-Modeling, Finite Element Modeling and Finite Element Analysis in accordance with codes and standards. Our association with local universities and experienced Engineering Experts enable us to offer our Customers, the complete piping solution related to Expansion Joints.
Our manufacturing facility at Chennai is one of the best enabling the Customers and Users to depend on us for Metal Expansion Joints / Bellows of sizes up to Diameter 9000 mm. The facility is equipped with modern Forming Machines, Welding Packages, Cutting Equipments and Handling Systems.
We, LONESTAR INDUSTRIES being the first Expansion Joint manufacturer in India to get ISO Quality Management Certification, ensure world class products with complete test facilities.
We are an authorized Certificate Holder to use ‘U’ Stamp in accordance with ASME and ‘NB’ in accordance with National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessels.
With more than two decades of experience, LONESTAR is capable of developing and supplying Metal Expansion Joints / Bellows for every industry application in core sector.
LONESTAR supplied Metal Expansion Joints / Bellows have been successfully functioning in highest number of installations in India and Overseas.
The supply area covers,
Power Plants – Power Piping and Power Plant Equipments
Process Plants (Refinery, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Chemical) – Process Piping and Equipments – Heat Exchangers and Reactors
Metallurgical Plants – (Iron Making, Steel Making, Copper Smelter, Zinc Smelter, Aluminium Smelter) – Process Ducts & Piping