Facility for Research

Lonestar Industries’ design facility for Expansion Joint and Accessories has In-House facility for performing and evaluating with the aid of FEA.

  • Static Structural Analysis.
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Coupled Field Analysis – Thermal Stress Analysis.
  • Modal Analysis.
  • Fatigue Life – Theoretical Evaluation
  • Eigen Buckling analysis

It has a full-fledged testing facility to perform Life Cycle Test of various sizes. In the last 5 years, the organization has performed more than 50 different cycle life testing for bellows of size ranging from 150 mm NB to 2200 mm NB.

It periodically performs Squirm, Yield-Rupture Tests and has performed more than 40 tests during this period.

Rectangle Bellows have also been tested in this period.

Lonestar Industries follows the guidelines of EJMA, ASME for all its designs. It makes sure the expansion joints design conforms to required national or international standards as well if and when applicable.


Lonestar Industries has standard Hydro test facility for testing sizes upto 2000 mm. For High pressure and larger sizes Hydro testing is performed using individual test jig. All the Bellows supplied are subjected to leak and stability test. Also, Lonestar Indsutries has the capabilities to perform all Non- Destructive Examination as per 7.1, Non-Destructive Testing as per 7.2 and Destructive testing as per 7.3 of EJMA.

This facility is also used for Research and Development.