Ensure adequate care to prevent Dents & Score Marks on thin Bellows.

Safe guard the Bellows from arc strike and weld spatter.

Keep the Bellows free from corrosion. Certain chemicals, dirt and metal filings will damage the Bellows material.

Do not use cleaning chemicals such as soap, detergents and solvents containing chlorides, caustics or sulphides.

They can lead to stress corrosion and will be known only after sometime after put into the operation.

Use only chloride free insulation material if insulation of Expansion Joints is required.

The area should be free of any sharp objects or protrusions. If not removable, they should be notified so that they can be avoided.

The edges of the connecting pipes should be clean, smooth and parallel to each other. Lift the Expansion Joint using the lifting lugs and position into piping.

Orient the Expansion Joint with flow arrow pointing in direction of flow when there is a presence of Sleeve / Flow Liner.

Orient the Flanges of Expansion Joint so that the bolt holes are aligned with pipeline flanges in the case of Expansion Joints with flange ends.

Do not force / rotate the Expansion Joint to match the bolt holes of the mating flange. This will cause torsion on the Bellows and will severely reduce the Bellows capability and may cause premature failure.

It is good practice to leave one pipeline flange loose until the Expansion Joint is installed.

Install gaskets and bolt to the required torque recommended by the flange manufacturer.

Do not entertain the movement of the Expansion Joint (Compression, Extension, Offset and Rotation) due to piping misalignment which has not been anticipated and considered in the design.

The most common installation error is forcing the Bellows to fit an excessive, beyond- construction-tolerance gap in the piping. Any misalignments of greater magnitude will result in premature failure of Bellows.

Ensure that construction personnel make the piping fit the Expansion Joint and not vice versa.

Installation of Anchors, guides and pipe supports shall be in strict accordance with the piping system drawings.

Any field variances from planned installation may affect proper functioning of the Expansion Joint and must be brought to the attention of competent design authority for resolution.

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